Nalike Africa in Partnership with Resuable Bags Gh impact over 140 students through the Edu-Climate Project

Reusable Bag GH in collaboration with Nalike Africa brings the Edu-Climate project to students in the McCarthy Hill School at Awoshie, Accra Ghana.

The Project impacts over 140 schoolchildren. Each student received a reusable bag and a mathematical set. The project targeted the finalist who are about to take their B.E.C.E exams.

Students were engaged on climate-related topics and sustainability by the Reusable Bag GH team. Some conversations include the three R’s – Rethink, Re-use, and Reduce. These keywords stand at the heart of sustainability and taking action to keep our environment.

Moreover, Nalike Africa emphasized the role of leadership in making sustainability a lifestyle.

The 140 students committed to reducing waste and re-orienting their parents and siblings on the need to go green and protect the environment.

The commitment of Reusable Bags Gh in reducing plastics and promoting sustainability remained unparalleled.

Nalike Africa has been a community for leadership training and the building of leaders for the betterment of society.

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