A Life Beyond The Ordinary

A Life Beyond The Ordinary


Why is it always about the destination and not the journey? Why is life always more about the medals and little about the sprints?

It is so, because of our innate desire for that which is unusual, mind-blowing; with equal measure in predictability and variability. We’re attracted to the amazing.
Therefore, people with the quest to make impacts must create an image of awesomeness and bring to the table a plethora of jaw-dropping feats.
I have always believed that mundane, traditional ways of life deserve no tolerance and that we need to cheer one another on to settle for things that are forby.

This book submits on the concept of originality, charisma, strategizing, mentorship among others. From top to drop, he finds succinct expressions to encourage the reader to to aspire greater heights. The hacks littered out in, “Life Beyond the Ordinary ” are endlessly fascinating in a way that creates an efficient kick in your mind’s eye to see further.

Each one of us carry a distinct power from which exceptionalism can emanate. He who hesitates is lost.

We can’t pretend we haven’t been told. We’ve all heard the proverb, heard the philosophers, heard our grandparents inspiring us about dreaming big. We have heard the poets about seizing the day. Still, sometimes we have to see for ourselves. We have to make our own mistake. We have to learn our own lessons. We have to sweep today’s possibilities under tomorrow’s rag until we can’t anymore, until we finally understand for ourselves what Wendy Wasserstein meant by “Don’t live down to expectations. Go out there and do something remarkable.”

Do you want to hide behind a tree? You got to become a tree. Do you want to reflect the rays of proficiency? Become a perfectionist. Be a perfectionist, extraordinarily.