I Pray You Win

We survived amidst those concerned more about their phone running low than stretching their hands towards us in difficult times?

We thrived when life’s luggage was heavy, and God came to carry it for us.

We survived despite those who plotted and planned our downfalls yet prayed for their success.

Pulling someone down is easy; building someone up is difficult. 

Why do you like the easy?

Look at the moon with all its beauty and radiance; why do you still focus on its dark spot? 
Can’t you look beyond the dark spots and appreciate the full beauty and its radiance?

We tend to focus on each other’s mistakes and sins. We hurt and injured the already injured. We knock out the already knocked down. We have lost the shared meaning of pain, so the shared purpose of victory becomes an occasion for jealousy.

But it takes a mature and patient heart to heal with a tender touch without compromising its convictions.

I know you have read more books, this time read about yourself.

Henceforth, enter and visit your own heart more than temples.

Pray more consistently with your actions than words.

Fight your ego more than your fight the devil.

Most importantly, I pray you win in life. But before that, do things in love, and life won’t fail you.

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