Capitalists Should Spend With Compassion

Yesterday’s news report on CNN left me shattered.

Bonnie Kimball a district chief manager of cafe service at New Hampshire high school in US was sacked because she put items on the tray of a student who didn’t have the money($8) to pay for his lunch.

What was revealing was the fact that she knew the student. For that reason, she was hoping the child would come and pay it the next day. Yet still, they terminated her contract. To the extent that he conduct was labelled a “theft”.

What this incident reminds me of was a friend I had during my primary school. His name is Francis, he was angel sent to me. I remembered days, I couldn’t afford lunch at school, he would share his food with me regardless the number of times, I decline his invitation.

Even at that very young age, kindness replaced my first language. I learnt more about giving from him through his actions.
But it is sad to have a read a news, where people are paid to watch children go hungry.

In some part of the world, people worship animals, but when it comes to humans, we tend to treat them as though they are nothing.
One of the purpose of a business is to fufill it economic responsibilities; that is to make profit.

Nothwithstanding this fact, our ethical responsibilities towards humanity should never leave us. Our final consumers are still humans. Companies shouldn’t wait for Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR) in order to be generous to the society.

We are not only responsible for what we do but what we don’t do. It is time to bring back the humane human in humanity.

The world is getting depressed due to the cruelty of some of it habitants. We need spiritual entrepreneur who can understand humanity on a deeper level and help put the world in a better shape.

Sacking someone for breaking the business code of conduct for the sake of saving a hungry child, is as bad as having dogs running businesses.

May God heal mother Earth.

It is well

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