Your Future Is As Bright As Your Faith

I said million things in my smile and you believed me.
I clapped for strangers and folded my own hands when it was my turn.
Even after meeting you, you thought I was as happy as the images you see of me.

I know you are just me in another version.

At a certain stage in my life, I was like you.
And you will also be like me at some point.
I feel maybe our phases of suffering is different,
But our grievances have been hijacked by our faith.
Look at my eyes closely,
It will tell you what is hidden in my heart.

At some point I did the worst,
And you started believing it was me.

But can you please judge me less?
Would you mind understanding my background, frustration, rejections, diseases and disappointments?

I am still holding the feet of faith.
I believe I will get better with time.

Don’t be too hard on every actions of mine.
Because I am trying to forgive myself.

There is no cure for guilt.
But love can suppress it.

I know I am not my mistakes.
I believe God is working on me.

I believe same for you.
Therefore, I will still wear my smile.
Because, I don’t want to let down your confidence.
We are in the same book, maybe different page.

Trust me, if I don’t get you in any of the pages,
I will meet you at the end of our book.
However, if we meet each other on any page, let’s encourage each other.

Until then be courageous in your journey.
And know that every stage you walk through
will be a story for the next generation.

May your footprint teach, heal and touch souls instead of body. And when you fall short along the path, just stand up.

Because you are on your own but never alone in this journey.

It is well with you

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