A Dramatized Faith – Part 2

Growing up, I realized religion encourages hypocrisy. It forces you to deny the truth about yourself under the false sense of humility. That is why some religious people could be dangerous people too. Jesus called them hypocrites; one with many faces.

When I got enlightened, I realized the desire for power and greatness is inherent in us. That was what God offered in the book of Genesis: The ability to have dominion on earth.

Religion teaches poverty keeps one humble. So I disdained money and wanted to be holy. But when I got enlightened, I realized the money will only do two things for me:It will provide me with a lot of options and an opportunity to do good. I then decided to live a purpose-driven life in order to succeed.

Further, religion warns us to be mindful of the word “I”. I was told when I use those words too much, I am a selfish person. This got my spirit broken and I shy away from taking leadership position. I went on to cripple my desire for greatness.  But when I got enlightened, I realized that I can’t give what I do not have. So I started paying attention to myself now so that I can be able to help others tomorrow.

Religion makes you comfortable in your discomfort. It makes you accept circumstances as the will of God. Religion told me that whatever be the case, it is God’s will for my life. But when I got enlightened, I got to know I have the power to change my circumstance.

I keep learning how because I am reading more…

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