Sooner Than Can Be Imagined

There are times when we feel crippled by the pressures of life. There are some young people who are over 25 years and yet don’t know where their lives are headed.

Others are perhaps still struggling to get a decent job in order to afford their basic needs.All these struggles have the tendency to either break us or make us.

I was a victim of such thoughts until I sent a message to my friend who is a lawyer. The conversation that ensued afterwards gave me the needed motivation to push through that stage of my life.

I remember I asked him, “At what age will I start enjoying life?”

“It comes with responsibility” he answered.

His departing words comforted me greatly :

In spite of all these, it will come sooner than you think”, he remarked.

Before our conversation ended, he recalled the day he took a great decision to come to Accra to find a job . He came with only a perching bag. He was filled with doubt and worry since he had to stay with his friend for more that one year as a ‘percher’ ( a term for individuals who share a room with someone as a favour)

He intimated that one day, while dragging his perching bag to cross a bridge to meet his friend, he questioned himself. In what engaged him afterwards, in his frustration, he directed some of his worries to God. In fact, he questioned the existence of God who, he believed, could assist him greatly if his eyes were on him.

But in the process of questioning God, he heard a voice, “I will never bring you here and leave you alone. My grace is sufficient for you and I have a great plan for your life”

These words elevated his spirit. First, his father was an electric welder who sacrificed greatly to help him go to the law school and eventually he was called to the Bar.

Today he flies to any country for his works. Also, remembering his background he has undertaken great intiatives in supporting the less privileged. What seemed difficult for him some years before has become a stepping stone.

His story resonated with me. I believe it can help strengthen your faith too.

No matter what you want in life, “just begin some where”, he said.

Don’t worry about the outcome. Once you begin, God will see you through the process.

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