Entrepreneurs On The Streets

On my way to the house, I stopped to buy a sachet of pure water but I couldn’t locate the seller so I shouted on top on my voice to see if the seller was close.  After few seconds, I decided to take a walk further and buy it from the next person. To my surprise, the seller shouted and said “Are you the one who wanted to buy” I responded “Yes madam”and gave her the money in exchange of the sachet water.
I was a bit upset so I asked that she ansewers a couple of questions I had;

Me: Please where did you go?

WS: I was sleeping when I heard your voice.

Me: Where were you sleeping because I couldn’t find you.

WS:I was in that blue Kiosk.

I then watched her closely n quietly asked her to keep the change.

It may not be significant but she demonstrated an entrepreneurial skill and classic set of attitude in her business.


1. Martin Luther once said ‘Not everybody can do great things, but we can do small things in a great way” she was committed to her small business despite the fact that the profit margin is small.

2. It is not always about what you do when comfortable; it is what you do when you are not even comfortable that counts as an entrepreneur. This means that she could have traded the little money for her sleep because it was late and she was tired. But she had to wake up and sell regardless of how many sachets someone was buying.

3. There is always a reward for hard work and commitment. Despite the fact that I only wanted to buy sachet water, I ended up giving her money because if you blend hard work with commitment, you can earn favor regardless what business you are doing.

Photo credit : shafichijazi

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