Becoming A Star

Growing up, my grandfather told a story about the stars.

He said, “once in a while, a star can shoot from one place to another in the sky”. In his view, if that happens, it means a great person has fallen (died).

Today, I realize his assertion isn’t entirely true. The truth is that the star is attributed to a person. I got to understand that regardless of your profession or career, when you hit the limelight, the title “star” becomes your new name. My grandfather made me understand that as far as you are a human being, you are a star.

After all, the wise men who wanted to see Jesus saw a star.  Joseph who was sold told a dream about stars, sun and moon bowing to him. All these illustrations suggest to me that everybody is born a star. You don’t need to be a footballer, actress, basketball player or musician in order to be a star. You are born a star.

The reason why people are not respecting or honoring you is because you have a lot of clouds blocking your star.  You need to walk out of fake relationship, bad association and start working on your star for it to shine. When you become a star, people will bring expensive things to you. Just like the way the three wise men brought gold and other precious items to Jesus.

Consider this scenario: you can’t buy cheap things as a gift to somebody who is a star. Strive to shine by working on yourself and people will respect and honor you.

Be a star!

Photocredit: @Lexonart

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  1. So touching to the young generation… We need to determine and believe in ourselves

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