Live Beyond Shame

When I was traveling in flight, I tried to look out to see the clouds through the plane window. I was amaze at their natural aesthetics and beauty. Every cloud had it own shape and size. After some time, I started thinking about the clouds and myself as a human. I got the biggest revelation on that day.

Now to you;

You have to regard yourself as a cloud in flesh. Because, you see, the clouds don’t make mistakes.

Have you ever seen a cloud that is misshapen?

Let’s take a look at the sea;

Have you seen a wave that is badly designed?

This is how one must see his life. If you see your life as a wave or cloud, you don’t have to live in fear or shame because of who you are.

There are a lot of people who haven’t shared their song because they fear people will laugh at them.

Some haven’t read their poems because they feel others have better poems than them.

Others haven’t written their books because they feel people will make fun of their stories.

We fail to ask for help because we fear we will be rejected.

We are living in fear and shame simply because we keep comparing our journey to others. We must live beyond our shame. Each one of us have a different journey. It doesn’t matter how slow you go, what matters most is the effort you continually put in to become better each day.

Stop feeling bad about yourself. You are a human being and you can’t always be perfect. But once you look up to you see cloud, always remember they don’t make mistakes. And for that matter, through the effort you put in daily, you will develop this kind of confidence.  To all large extent, you are beautiful just the way you are, including all the mistake you have made or will make.

One must learn to live with that right mindset. Eventually everything will fall in place at the right time. Trust your intuition.

Photocredit: jessartes

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