In Love, There Is No Ambition

The old generation have an ugly, frightful, brutal world in which everybody is fighting someone else. The world in which we are growing in is ugly and sorrowful.

The younger generation is doing nothing but compounding the problems of this world.  Most of the youth are very ambitions. They want to become this and that in their lives. Everybody want to be on top of the other. They want to be somebody.

They crave for more money, more influence. My message to you is that the ambitious man is the most frighten man, because he is afraid to be what he is, because he says, ‘ if I am what I am, I shall be nobody’. Therefore, I must be somebody.

So what happens in the world is that , there is no love, there is no consideration, there is no thought. There is perpetual fighting, and our society is constantly struggling, of one man against another; this struggle is called ambition to be something.

And even the old generation encourages that. If you are an ambitious person, i dare to say, you have never found what you love. If you found what you love you will break down this wall. Supposedly someone wants to be a gardener, painter, street sweeper. Which of course is something he loves. Then that is not ambition.  In that there will be no competition, no struggle. no fighting each other; and perhaps we can create a new world.

Look for what you love because there is no ambition in love.


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