A Letter To The Older Generation- Part 2

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but those who look on and do nothing. Fools multiple when wise people are silent. You can’t expect change in your nation when you stay away from your nation. You have two option of change; either you become a victim or an agent of change. If you are not pro-active you will become reactive. We are supposed to initiate the change as leaders of this world.

The current incident concerning GFA (Ghana Football Association) has etched severe pains in the hearts of many. We have always prayed and cried for genuine leadership yet our prayers are blocked by greed and selfishness. It is time for us to stand and be the change we want to see.

I believe every youth can bear witness of talented footballers who never saw their dreams manifest. We had and still have others who have abandoned and yet to abandon their dream due to corruption.  The issue with Nyantakyi is just sheer greed from the pity of hell. I believe it is not only him! A lot of others who have been appointed into offices are involved in certain practices just to kill dreams and creativity.

I won’t be surprise if they are changing their date of birth in order to fight for elongated stay in public service. Some are also busily taking huge brides to enrich themselves at the expense of poor people who are living their lives on hope.

Let me help Nyantakyi and other people with this- You have to understand that consequences are more important than decisions. Once you have decided you could live with consequences, decisions are easy. Your decisions would also give birth to consequences. You have to study the consequences and exhaust all the possible outcomes before you make a decision.

Also, understand that Principles are more powerful than prosperity.  We can get money from everything whether good or bad. However, principles are what guide our heart and mind to act with integrity. It is time we chase prosperity with a principled life.

But to those of us (youth), we have to be careful with our character formation. We have to hold in high esteem our integrity. The rot in GFA might sound funny, but I know people do worse in their closet. You have to watch and pray so that you don’t fall into such temptation.

I am sad to say that in our country “we hang petty thieves and appoint great ones into office”. The next time you loot away our future, kindly understand that to everything there is time!

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