What Does An Already Lightened Candle Lose In Lightening Other Candles? Nothing!

I would love to start with this statement.

“Candles need someone to light them up. Star however, need no one to light them up. Support your friends now that they are candles. When they become stars, you may only need to watch on as they light themselves up.”

Everybody needs somebody to succeed in this life. The truth about life is that we are all not on the same level. There are people who would be better than you in some areas. Also, there would be some striving to do better in the aforementioned areas. When this happens, they need people to support them. They need people to hold their hands in order to usher them into something bigger.

Look at the soil, a very good example of a candle that lights another, it supports everything on and in it. People say the more you read is the more you know and I say the more you assist is the more you benefit. The soil supports plants, it gives life to them, plants depend on it, you will realize that in return, these plants beautify and stabilize the soil; they make it attractive and protect it against erosion. The soil provides shelter to some organism like worms; in return, these organisms make the soil even more fertile thus it can be considered as a valuable material in agriculture, they also create the structure of the soil.

But why is this principle lacking in our world of Humans. I believe you can’t help everybody but at least everybody can help somebody in one way or the other.  We need people are genuinely interested in the success of others and are willing to help them whenever the need be. This is the kind of world we need to create. We shouldn’t live our lives expecting something in return for the good we do.


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