Whose Feet Are You Washing?

If you want to lead the first thing you must know is how to serve. A classical example of leaders serving was between Jesus and Pilate. When Jesus picked a basin ,he washed his disciples feet. He put others first before himself. And during a moment for a decision to be made, Pilate took  a basin and put himself first, instead of the truth.

Due to my background, I believe that if Jesus Christ were to be here today and asked to define leadership, he would put it simply but rightly.  He would define leadership as service . He showed this in his life as well.

We live in an era where a lot  people are running after titles to fulfill their ego and pride. When Jesus picked up a towel and serve his disciple, he told them to do the same for others.

We don’t serve from top to down. The top is always lonely. Consider a pyramid and look carefully at the top or apex. You will realise that ,the higher you go ,the smaller the space or room available.

There are always much more rooms at the bottom of a pyramid.

Leaders are supposed to come down to those at button and serve them.

If you want to save your life, you have to lose your life.

If you want to be first, you have to be the last

If you want to rule, you have to serve.

No word describes immaturity than selfishness. A selfish person centres everything around themselves. But a selfless person adds value to people.

Wash the feet of others. And do it in all humility!

Photo credit: jakov.zadro

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