A Call To Work

While growing up, I was told to go to school, get the right grades and obtain a job that pays so well. I thought that wasn’t a bad idea.

But what my parents forgot to tell was that my options in life are like coin. And that I was supposed to choose which side I wanted.

After my few experiences during internships and now national service, I have come to the realization that my job was what my parent focused on.

Instead of training me to a job myself, they pushed me to search for one.

The reason for the first world being ahead of us is instead of our parents helping us to identify our gifts so that we took them on board to school, to nurture and grow them, they first kill our dream and push us into school. In the final analysis, We end up taking up courses which we later regret or assume that was what God has destined us to do.

I am not saying school is bad but the real essence of school has been lost.

When I started writing and speaking on things I am passionate about, I realized there is a difference between your job and your work.

Your job is what you were trained to do. You may have gone to school to learn your job. On your job, you have certain duties, and you get paid for doing them. But as you well know, your employer can always find somebody else who has been trained to do that particular job, or your boss can decide that a person is no longer needed to do that job. All too easily, you can be replaced, laid off, or fired.

But your work is different.

Your work is what you were born to do. No kind of educational system can teach you your true work because it is your life purpose, and it is revealed by your God-given gifts. No employer on earth can take that away from you. Nobody can fire you from that. They can lay you off from a job, but they cannot lay you off from being yourself.

When you leave a job, you take your work, which is your innate purpose, with you. Wherever you land, you can plant your gift so that it can start to grow again. You are much more than your job.

We all need to think about our jobs, and we need to put effort into satisfying the requirements of our jobs. But we also need to think about our true work, our purpose in life, our God-given assignment. Whether you are currently job-hunting or happily employed, you should spend just as much time trying to find yourself as you spend trying to find a job or satisfy the people you work for. Shift your thinking. If you can find yourself, you will gain a new perspective on what you were created to do on this earth.

Your job is only your career. It is temporary. You can lose it. Your whole career can collapse. You can also have more than one career in your lifetime. But your work is your life assignment. You cannot lose that. Yes, you can let it languish, unexplored and untried, but you cannot lose the assignment you were born with.

When you get to know your work, you will be a solution to a need people will ask of God one day . Mike Murdock said “you will be remembered for only two things: the problem you solve and the ones you create”. Be a solution!

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