Sometimes The Answers Are On The Last Page

It was late in the night and I had to return home. I stopped a taxi and got into it. Immediately, the driver told me he is not familiar with the route leading to my destination. I started thinking about it myself. This led me to this question, “what would be the case if I don’t l know the route either?”

But what strike me most wasn’t about whether I know the route or not. The insightful lessons I got as a result of this journey came from the car itself.

It was very dark and the street lights were not working properly. I could only see few meters away on the road due to the headlights. Even though I wanted to get home, I couldn’t see my house from afar. I know the destination in my mind, but I had to move on the route for things to unfold for me.

On this note, I started questioning why people don’t start with what they have now?

A lot of times we want to have all the answers to the question before we kickstart something. We want to see the manifestation of our dreams. But we don’t want to trust the process.

I had a good conversation with the driver during our journey. We finally got to my destination. When I was about entering the house, I saw a beautiful car parked outside with the headlights on.

This scene gave me another insight. I compared most of our lives to the second car.


Because no matter how long one turns the headlights on, if you don’t move the car, you won’t get to your destination. Usually we have what it takes to start but we want everything to be right in order to start the journey. The truth is that you must start moving with what you have. You can’t see the destination now. But in your mind, you know you will there. Having a mental picture of where you are going is the vision that you need.

One cannot know what is in the corner until you get to the corner. Similarly, you won’t get all the answers unless you go through the process.

I want to urge you, that what you have now is good for starting. Just do it now. And give your best at it. If it is a book you want to publish, start now. If it is a song you want to write, start now. If it is a poem you want to recite, do it now. It won’t be perfect but with all these steps you will get there.

That is why I am telling you that, “Sometimes the answers you are looking for are on the last page”. But when you get to the last page what will amaze you is that, there wasn’t any answer at all.


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