The Prayer I Said For You

Open the window of our hearts to see you in others.
Teach us how to be kind to ourselves without leaving others behind.
Please clean the mirror of our perception, so that we can prioritize good thoughts.
Loose the chains of doubts on my feet, for us to take the step of faith.
Chisel out greed, hatred, lust, envy and anger from us.
And fill us with the love that see souls rather than bodies.

Spear us from the cross.
For the nails on your feet is our lighthouse.
Forgive our ingratitudes and help us to see ourselves as the greatest miracle to ever exist.
And bless us not for ourselves,but for others who see you in us.

Strengthen our hands to build tables that will feed others. And breakdown the walls in our mind that prevent us from helping people.

Don’t only teach us how to number our days, but make our days remind us of your goodness on this scared earth.

Before you call us home, make our footsteps bring light and hope in the world that is constantly trying to make us evil.

Help us to love ourselves.
Help us to love others.
Help us to love all.

It is well

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