The Heart Bleeding With Gratitude

Nothing inspired me than the message that was preached in church last Sunday .The sermon was about the 10 leapers Jesus Christ healed. I know you are very familiar with this story, but the part of the story that speak volumes has to do with the one who came back to thank Jesus. The bible emphasized on the fact that he was a Samaritan.
The truth of the whole story boils down to the relationship between the Samaritans and the Jews during the days of Jesus. During those days, before a person is declared a leaper, he has to see the priest for him to be justified depending on his criteria.

The Samaritan who Jesus asked him to go and show himself to the priests had to return. He knew of the bad relationship they had with the Jews and left alone to approach them in order to be accepted. He was cleansed but the wounds were still on him. So his heart was bleeding with gratitude for the fact that he never expected a Jew( Jesus) to cleanse him.

When he came back to give thanks he was made whole and this time his wounds vanished on his skin unlike the rest.

This is a thankful heart.


1.Be grateful for the least and God will bless you with more.

2.Never forget those who helped you when you were down. Take this time to say “Thank You”.

3.God will have mercy on you in your painful situations.

4.Thank God for a good year regardless what you went through.

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