…. And I Will Tell You Again, “You Are Enough.”

For the first time the world heard your voice, the world knew you were enough.

The day you decided to take the first step to crawl and walk, the earth bowed to your greatness.

On the same day that you decided not to walk like the other children, we knew you were enough.

After all the struggles you have to face for not walking, we believed in your mind more than your body.

When the world laughed at your struggles, we were busy waiting for your greatness.

You couldn’t complete people’s love story due to your weakness, but in your weakness, you still look beautiful.

People broke your heart and burned you into ashes. But from the ashes you rose and showed them you were enough.

The day you doubted you potential and your skills, I still knew you were enough.

And since you can’t see yourself, I want to be your mirror.

I want you to see your strength, skills, potential and abilities through me.

You are so powerful in my eyes and your reflection burns my eyes.

When you feel guilty and depressed about something you did before, I just want you to understand that you are still enough.

Your incompleteness is part of your completeness.

And if anyone make you feel small, look into their eyes and say in your heart, I am enough not just enough. I am more than enough.

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