You Are Bigger Than Karma

During their entire life span, some people will take pleasure in the suffering of some persons. They think they have wronged them and now they should pay for that. They have developed this strong inner feeling that people like those should come back to beg them with regrets. Oh! What a shameful thinking! This is not true love, true love never wishes others to fail in life, not even seeking someone’s downfall. It always wishes one well, regardless of the situation.

To those who have mistaken attachment for true love;

Why shouldn’t someone change if he feels he deserve better?
Why should one be intimidated for speaking and acting according to their own intuition?
Why should someone stay in a toxic relationship even if you think you have helped them enough?

It is part of human nature to disappoint others. However, if we genuinely trace all our actions and inactions, we can attest to the fact that we have stepped on the toes of others too.

To those who are still harboring guilt in their heart for taking a big step to change certain things in the life for which they genuinely did to relieve their soul, I want you to understand that;

Never regret for doing things for yourself especially if it pleases your soul.
Never let people intimidate you with Karma. You are far bigger than that.
You are bigger than revenge.
Don’t go about forcing yourself into places you don’t belong.

To those who have been left behind;

Instead of wishing them bad, concentrate on your life. Never wish them pain. All of us to some extent are broken and that is fine. Wish the people who caused you pain, healing. That is what they truly need.

Let’s spread love because people are going through things they don’t want to talk about. Allow people to be themselves. One should stop whining their frustrations on the faces of people; here everyone is fighting a hard battle, everyone trying to fit in this imperfect world. We all are together here to relish strangeness of life and we will together battle against odds. That is the way it has to be.

It is well

PC: Pranai Sharma

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