Back Your Emotions With Actions

There are two groups of people in this world :The first group want to feel good before they do something and the other group says have to do something to feel good.

Most people are waiting for their emotion in order to get the work done or problem solved. But the truth is that instead of waiting on your feelings, you should rather let your action determines your feelings – that way ,you get the problem solved.

If you want to be great, it is time for you to see problems as your friend. Trust me, all problems are solved not just by sitting and thinking about it forever. You eventually have to put thoughts in motion, and you had better do it so right away, because you need to become great.

You can think while you walk. Therefore get up and test your ideas and your hypotheses. Just as in life ,we have no routes in the forest. You have to find your path. It may take too long but trust the process and you will overcome the challenge.

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