Help Yourself

Many of the barriers we face in this life are not imposed on us by others. Instead, we sabotage ourselves, deliberately or otherwise.

Often, i say there are people who would still fail even though they are running a race alone. That is because they sabotage themselves!

I want to tell you that you have to be courageous. You have to be willing to let go the familiar. You have to break those barriers limiting you.

Many great things began with a single act of courage. It is time to step out and take the first step and you may never know the ripple effect.

I am not promising you that your fears will go away automatically. You have within you fear and faith and the strongest will win. It depends on the one you feed.

My question is which one are you feeding?

Courage is the door that can only be open from the inside. This means only you can do it. Without courage, you can’t practice other attributes . People won’t follow your titles; they will follow your courage.

Be courageous!

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