People Come With Baggage, But Carry Their Own Weight

I saw you walking quietly within yourself when you did that mistake.
The sound of your silent footsteps were so loud.
And I could feel it when you decided to pass through the exit door into yourself.
You were carrying yourself by yourself.

Your table of respect was flooded by your own cup of expectation.
You kept blaming yourself for what you did.
You wanted to fill the gap between expectation and reality with your goodness.
But you forgot your were human.

Your own strength failed you when your desire for wrong quenched your passion for good.
But I didn’t ask you to cry, since , I myself, sometimes failed to confront my own weaknesses.

You kept projecting your own flaws in your actions and inactions.
And you failed to realise it.
You were quick to point the mistakes of others when you did the same thing in a different way.
But God was waiting on you to realise them.

You visited all the churches,mosques and spiritual centres.
But your addictions have entangled you.
But how did you weave them into yourself?
How did you create an abode for them?
I know this weakness has chained your confidence and crushed your self-esteem.
But nothing is beyond God’s redemption.

You question ‘Where is God?’ but where are you first? When I find you; I will see God.
Don’t let your baggages make you forget who you are. When in fact the whole universe is inside you.

This time we are going to confront our weaknesses together.
We will fight it till our last breathe.
We will find purpose in our pain.

This time, we will win together.

It is well

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