Purpose Before Production

During my internship with ACEC Real Estate company.I saw a large sign with a beautifully painted picture of a building on the site. There was no building on the site yet, but there was the big sign and the name of the building. It showed the landscape, the color of the building, the windows, everything; it was a very detailed picture of what the completed building would look like. The sign said, “Coming soon.”

I now realized what God was trying to make me learn from the sign. By showing the completed picture of the building, our construction company was revealing the end of its purpose.

Again, God essentially completed us before He created us. Not only does He establish our ends, but He also gives us glimpses of them through the visions He puts in our hearts. We must pay attention to His work within us so that we will be able to understand more of what He “has done from beginning to end” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

God wants you to “see” the completion of your vision by knowing that He already planned and established it before you were born. Therefore, instead of striving to fulfill what God has given you to do, you can rely on Him to finish it as you allow Him to guide you in the specifics of carrying it out.

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