When You Run Your Race, Life Won’t Fail You

Please consider these two scenarios carefully;

In the first scenario, I watch the audience cheering as the first person crossed the line during the 100 meters competition. I was excited because I knew him. But I sensed the disappointment in the face of the other runners who didn’t get the first prize.

In the second scenario, I drove on a lonely road by myself. I set my speed, determined my own pace, and had my destination.

Looking at these two scenarios, I understand most people presume that life is like the first. Simply because society has determined the race, set the pace and destination for one to run. But deep in us, we are really in the second scenario. However, most people are caught in the trap of competition and who wins first.

But can’t we all win together?

Of course, we can. But we can get there when we start enjoying our journey like me driving on the lonely road. We don’t have the same destination in life. Even when we are traveling, we pay different prices depending on where we want to alight. That is how our life is too. We will pay differently for our dreams and goals. And since we are heading towards a different destination, there is no need to try to be the first.

What we are to do is to wait as we work on our goals and dreams. Those whom we see ahead of us might have paid their price early, or someone paid it for them. Let us encourage them on the journey to success. Those who are now starting must be inspired to do it to the best of their ability.  For everything we become and un–become is for the good of society. We are contributing to the betterment of life

Be gentle with yourself in your lane.

Don’t rush your process.

Even if the farmer waters the seeds twice as much as the other farmers, it doesn’t guarantee that the tree will grow twice as big as their own. Life has a process.

In due time, life will reward you. Don’t envy and jealous, for life doesn’t fail those who are in their lane.

Enjoy what you do and do it well. When you have a clear purpose behind what you love, and life won’t fail you.

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