What Problem Are You Solving?

Many of us would attest to the fact that going to college doesn’t necessarily make one rich. What makes the difference is knowing one’s gift and using it to solve a problem. We are born to solve  problems. when you find your problem, you get paid for your solutions.

We have become so dependent on the government. The government is now the economic parent for us. Business are all around you because problems are all around you.

Moses is an example of solving a problem. Moses solved a problem of slavery. David solved a problem of Goliath. Jesus solved the most important problem on earth which is sin and death. Joseph solved the problem of dreams and Daniel solved a problem of administration in Babylon and he was promoted by the king.

What problem are you solving? If you want to be great, solve a problem. Don’t forget money follows solution.

Don’t ask God to remove every Goliath from your life. When problem shows up, it should confront your mind. it is there to show you who you are.
Without goliath, there will be no greatness for David. Don’t fight your problems, kill them. Stop running away from your key to greatness. David was not important until he killed Goliath.
You are never remembered for the things you avoided; you are remembered for the problems you solve . Manifest this before you die because you have a great potential.

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