Men Lead By Position And Women Lead By Influence

I would start with this quote “the most dangerous creatures on earth are women”. When growing up I realized that women are more powerful than men. I observed that most of the decisions that my father took were influenced by my mother. I was wondering why it has also been like this until I picked up my bible.

In the bible, you will observe that most great men who ever lived were brought down by women and the men who made it to the top got the help from women. The question is how? This is because their women influenced most of their decisions. Men love titles and positions.
The man is usually the head in every family setting. The man is the provider and the women is an incubator. She receives, multiply and gives it back. God has given women the power to take something and make it bigger.
Let us look at this scenario, if you give a woman a house; she will give you a home. If you give her sperms; she multiplies and give you a baby. If you give her frustration; she multiplies and gives you hell. If you give her a sentence; she will give you a paragraph. If you give her a paragraph; she will give you a book.
Women are powerful. it is only a smart man who knows how powerful a woman is. If you want to experience the best of a woman make sure your input is positive and she will give you a better returns.
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