Don’t Let Your Passion Overshadow Your Patience

The most important thing in life on earth is to make it to your future. But the race to your future is a marathon not a sprint. God didn’t design our lives to be live quickly so he gave us a marathon to run.

In marathon, you go through changes. First you are excited, but as time goes on you feel like giving up. And after sometime you kick into another face where your body takes you and you find it easy to run. God want you to go through your vision long enough, go through the changes and become fully kicked in. it is a marathon.

Life is about finishing. God will measure your faithfulness by finishing not starting. People start a race very excited and when trouble, corrections, rebuke comes, they move away.

They key to life is being committed to life. God cannot trust a person he cannot find. Grow where you are planted. Stay long at certain place in order to grow. If you want to make it to the future you have to lock in for life. God will trust a man he can depend on.

People dream big but they are not working long. They allow their passion overshadow their patience in the lord. When you are faithful over little things God will make you ruler over greater things.


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