Jesus Was A Top Class Manager

The story about Jesus feeding over thousands is just a simple way for us to understand the top-class management that Jesus displayed in the world.

He was to distribute some resources to the people. The bible says in Matthew 14:15-21, they sat down in groups of hundred and fifty; that is administration and organization
The five loaves and 2 fishes were the resources. Looking up to the one who gave it to them, that is appreciation, he thanked God for giving them his resource.

He broke it, gave it to his disciple to distribute, that is delegation. He also divided the two fishes among them and they all ate and got satisfied, that is customer service.
Now what I want you to learn is the ultimate management skills he displayed after feeding them. He told his disciples to pick up every drop of the left over. So, imagine 5,000 people and Jesus telling his disciple to bring all the left over. This tells us that we shouldn’t waste. Many of us, our lives are built on a lot of waste. He made his disciples pick up the leftovers, the important thing is that he was teaching us how to become good managers.
You have to learn how to manage the little things that you have. When you faithful over little things, God will give you bigger things. God is watching You.
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