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I observed something in traffic that touched my heart so much.

A young boy was carrying cocoa drink on his head and selling it with bread in traffic at the Kingsway to Accra Central main market. He was busily selling to a passenger car and stood in the middle of the road in between two cars when a motorbike rider out of no where almost ran into him. The young boy was holding bread which fell on the floor and I exclaimed ‘that may be his profit on all that he is holding in that bag’. How sad!

Interestingly, the motor rider stopped hoping for a frustration but the young man just turned and looked at the torn bag of bread in his hands. He moved quietly away from the scene without a word. I was so touched, I called him and actually paid for the torn bread bag. I commended him for what he did. He left the scene and quietly moved to another part selling his bread ignoring what had just happened. The motor rider waited and then drove off.

I thought to myself

1. He appreciated God for his life because anything could have just happened at that instance. He could have lost his life so easily.

2. There was no point brawling over split milk.

3. Any confrontation was a waste of time because he could use that time to gain back money lost.

4. There was no point arguing with someone who had just exhibited lack of sense.

We often react to situations instead of reacting as this cocoa drink seller did. Next time you feel the need to react to a situation consider what you just read and walk away if possible. Manage your time well, save your breath and appreciate God in all situations.

It’s best to ignore actions or frustration that would lead to arguments.
Think about this.

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