The Blind Man Leading

I was in a hurry to catch up with the bus to get some works done at the Mall.

Halfway there, I suddenly wondered if I had remembered to take my wallet and stopped to check my backpack. At that instant I felt a blow against my ankle, and I spun around to see who was “attacking” me.

Imagine my surprise when I was met by a pleasant-faced blind man, white cane in hand, apologizing profusely. Under these circumstances, it was hard to be angry. The man said a few more words and continued down the street.

I had forgotten my wallet and went back to my house to retrieve it. On my way, I reflected on this odd little encounter. It wasn’t the part where I got rapped on the ankle that had left an impression, but the image of this blind man striding confidently down the street.
I started thinking about my own life and current situation. Sometimes we have a lot of questions with less answers to them.  But if you want to know the truth you must understanding that being at the beginning of something new was exciting but also unsettling. You have to remove fear from your mind.

In my mind’s eye, I saw the blind man navigating the streets unable to see where he was going, but going nonetheless—and doing so with confidence. If he can figure it out and find his way around, I told myself, I can too!
It is well

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