When We Fell Asleep; Covid-19 Woke Us Up

All roads leading to Rome now leads to hospitals

New York, the city that never sleeps is sleeping with people on oxygen

Paris, the city of love is mourning

Notre Dame is quiet

Mecca is empty

Temples are vacant

Churches are closed

Big companies are struggling to keep up

Small companies have been swallowed up

Employers are uncertain of the future

Employees are petrified of tomorrow

Science is sleeping and technology is crippled.

We have clean hands, but we cannot shake

The air is pure, but we have to cover our nose

Nature has pressed the reset button

Now, it’s time for one to take inventory of his life, values, and purpose.

We have now understood better that one need not to judge others based on their job titles and earners.

We have believed that minimum wage work is not a refection of a person’s intelligence, work ethics and character.

Janitors, shopkeepers, health workers, security personnel, drivers are the ones who are obsessed to save the world.

Power, money, and positions don’t really count in choosing between life and death.

Because everyone is important.

Now that we will start a new phase in life, let’s remember that people matter.

Therefore, people must be loved and not used.

And every person is unique in their ways.

Let’s love one another and commit our lives to kindness.

For indeed we are all strangers who are travelling in this world.

But on our path out of this world, let us sow seeds of kindness and love

It is well

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