Things Takes Times; Forever is a Failure

I am nervous about writing this article. For some time, I have been thinking deeply about my life as a Christian. I have gotten some insights. I am ready to face backlash for taking this trajectory to share my insight especially on why most Christians in Africa have failed to live up to God’s expectation.

I have not lived long enough or experienced life to the fullest to make this strong assertation about Christians. However, in my little world, I have noticed an error in the lives of many people who happen to Christians.

I revisited in the Bible the greatest commission assigned to us by Christ before his departure.  He said we should be his witness as we go into the world to preach the gospel.

This is probably one of the saddest statements for me. Because from my little understand, a witness is someone who has a piece of evidence of what has taken place. It could be an event or a subject matter.

 But when I lookout for evidence, it has never become my reality. I have seen the same in the lives of many believers in Africa.

I am not trying to dishearten you, but sincerely have a self introspection and tell me if you have been able to exhibit a piece of who God is in your life?

Our approach to religion as Africans is very pathetic. Our truths have not been arranged sequentially. Like a knife in the hands of a child, it could destroy. Anything that is not well arranged has a lot of gaps. And these gaps have shaped our thinking and harden our thought patterns over the years.

We have in some ways succeed in evangelism but not with influence. We talk about God, we profess his love and generosity, we speak of his riches, but deep within we are poor in the heart and poor in pocket.

I have come to understand that people are compelled to follow you, or change when you have results. Gone are the days’ people are bound by loyalty, but now people want proof and results.

The end of all arguments is indeed results. People look for evidence in our lives. The evidence of prosperity, evidence of love, evidence of hope, evidence of integrity, and the good things you can think of.

If you consider a handful of people, most of their pressing need is a financial breakthrough. But come to think of it, does it mean we can’t be rich and worship God? Or we would turn our hearts away from God when we become rich? Let’s leave these questions for another discussion. But most importantly we need results and evidence in our life.

We talk too much but with no evidence. The bible was to be a living testimony that can evident in the lives of people. So that when one talks about love, we can see it in another without necessarily reading the bible. This should be the same when talking about prosperity. It should be evident in someone’s life.

I am not discouraging you in your pursuit of God. I believe things take time but forever is a failure. If God prospers, let our lives show it. Deep in your heart, I know you need power. You want to have what it takes to overcome your challenges. But sometimes you feel powerless. Because anytime you sort out for it, they tell you to be humble.

Today, many people are living under this false humility because of religious beliefs. I am presenting to you another dimension of the evidence you must seek out for. You need INFLUENCE.

Influence is the cure to all problems. You don’t have to be a poor Christian before you go to heaven and you must not be in a hurry to die to make it heaven.

If God needs you there, he wouldn’t have created you. You are on earth to dominate.  But not to dominate other humans. You are here to dominate yourself and unleash your potential to the world.

The next time you feel helpless, remember that you need evidence as a witness. And for that evidence, you need to become your potential and when you maximize your potential, you will get influence, and influence will give you power. 

Remember that people will always ask for a result like Thomas who wants to see the wounds of Jesus.

I am relief now. I hope you have not started feeling nervous yet.

Stay safe.

  1. You’ve hit the nail right on the wall.
    God bless you.
    More grace to do exploits !

  2. I begin by reiterating here, Christianity is not a religion, but the divine life of Christ lived through the human body. Thus, evidence for this divine life has to be seen in our beautiful lives. It is true we shouldn’t allow our unearthed seeds die with us on the basis of forever or the imagery of eternity, but while we (Christians) prepare for eternal glory, our darling lives here on earth must walk in the experience of truth, results, love, and witness. Results are key. Jesus wasn’t a poor man. He was rich and he demonstrated results were key for His followers and posterity. It is these results that brought salvation and the good news unto us. Efo Ernest, you just touched on the difference between experience in receiving Christ and that of walking with Him in a unique way. No man ever walked with Jesus Christ and didn’t have results to show for it. Just as the deep calleth unto the deep, the deep minds understand deep things. It is well. More grace to you Sir.

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