Mom is Wow


For how long would you go on an empty stomach for my sake?

How long will you borrow money in silence just to keep me happy?

When would you decide to also do things for yourself for once?

After 9 months in your stomach

After two years in your arms

And forever in your heart without charging anything.

Your love and selflessness are no different from those of God.

God can’t be everywhere, so he made you for me.

I saw your sacrifices

I saw you in the same clothes for more than 5 years

I saw you holding the same bag whiles growing up

You hardly make time to keep yourself

Oh Mama, what a mysterious being

I saw your secret tears that turned in prayers

I saw your fears that turned in faith

You have been my backbone.

How can I repay you?

How can I thank you?

You don’t mean the world to me

You are my world

Indeed, I haven’t seen God

But there wouldn’t be a need for me to do so

Because I have seen you

I don’t need a day to celebrate

But you are everything my heart yearns for

Even when death takes you away

Your footsteps of kindness and love will stay with me forever.

You will die, but you will live again in my heart

I love you mom

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  1. Nice write-up Bro. My Mum is the first to wake up everyday in our home. She is very passionate about everything she does for the family. My personal hygiene and success has been her great pursuits since birth. I love Maame Augustina Obeng so much. She is popularly called ‘Asuo’ a wit water because she quenches the thirst of all who surround her. Mama Asuo is my sweet Mum and Executive vendor of plantain at Tema Comm. 1 market. Happy mother’s day 🎉🎈

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