Respect Your Job But Build Your Dream

A wise man once said ‘Sow your seeds in the morning but in the evening don’t let your hands be idle’.

One will ask why?

This is because you don’t know which one will prosper. whether this one or that one or both. It means in the morning go to job but in the evening, build your own dreams.
You have to know that your future is after 5pm in the evening. If you are working for someone,  you go to work from 8 to 5 for the person. What about you? Imagine you were fired from your work and you only had the morning seed which is your job.
what will you do? where is the evening seed?

Be a different person, Build your dreams. Your down-time is your up-town. Read books and study. Build your dream. Whiles others are sleeping, build you future. In the end, you will make it.
It is well

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