Your Future Is Never Ahead Of You

Whatever you were born to do, you were built with it. Your ability is determined by your responsibility. This is because God’s instruction is equal to his injection. God placed the ability to fly in birds. They never went to flying school. He again placed swimming ability in fishes, they don’t need to go for courses in swimming. Once you discover your gifts or assignment you have discovered your ability.

I cannot make you like yourself, all you need is a personal revelation about yourself. You came to the world packaged. You have to know your ability. You are the best at what you were born to do.

Sometimes we depend on people to get ahead. Whatever is coming to you is coming from GOD. GOD don’t bring it from people you know sometimes because he doesn’t want them to take the credit. He will use the most unlikely people to bless you.

If you believe your future is God’s past then you can be confident you will make a history. Jesus said  “when I lay down my life, I would pick it up again. This is because he had the result before the processes started. He got a word from his father, that made him confident. Your confidence is in your pre-destination. What you were born to do is already done.

It is well

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