The Journey to Be Somebody

Written by Asamoah Courage Olivant (Min Smartt)

I admire the energetic force in the quest of somebodiness. We should never discard this awesome pursuit or thought, while we encourage ‘work in progress’ to take its centre stage. But I envisaged a burden amongst the audience; trying to please everyone. Indefatigable chase to go well in everyone’s book of life.

​Even if one builds the tower of pretence to litmus the test; litigious, it’s nugatory. A life full of frustrations, unhappiness, and dispirited stress, conquered. Lest we forget, the real and simple medicines (including forgiveness, love, kindness, justice, truth, peace, etc.) are found in the pages of a book, and not on its cover, yet they exonerate the beauty of life. We can walk and live the message enshrined in the pages without being infected with every little opinion that hovers around.

​Back to the top, observe, I used the word somebodiness. I believe the last word rings the morning bell in the minds of the rich, the middlemen, and the poor. Notwithstanding, the rich have captured the foreglimpse of that milestone with unquenching wealth (but some, not content within), the middlemen to some extent, but the poor still on that journey (but some, contained within and without). Being relevant is a value worth paying or bargaining for. Don’t be deceived, being rich is not all that entails in the wealth highly guarded in the four corners of a room in a mighty storey building. Somebodiness starts right with calculable strength from within accompanied by the force of the right mindset. Wealth comes thereafter as a sequel to the former.

​I am impatient to clear the reader’s intermission. Don’t get the author wrong. Wealth, I mean money, does not define somebodiness in its truest and natural glory. The voyage to be somebody starts with knowing and connecting with the ‘real you’. John Ruskin, a Christian socialist, once said, ” THERE IS NO WEALTH BUT LIFE. Life, including all its powers of love, of joy, and admiration. That country is the richest which nourishes the greatest number of noble and happy human beings; that man is richest who, having perfected the functions of his own life to the utmost, has also the widest helpful influence, both personal, and by means of his possessions, over the lives of others.” Selah!

​I would like the reader to focus on where ‘that man is richest’ began. Now, we have ascertained a new definition of true richness that goes beyond the confines of a room in the mighty storey building. Observe, I made mention of, the weighty burden of pleasing everyone. The poor trying to please the rich, leaves his creativity and unexplored worth behind, and the rich trying to please his class and maintain his wealth, escorts the need to reach out or extend helpful influence to martyrdom. Also to anyone who falls into this category of this weighty burden, it’s anomalous to your uniqueness, self-worth, beauty, strength, and creativity. You are simply the best of a kind. There lies in you undiscovered creativity, innovations, and solutions. The Vehicle with passengers of discoveries yet to alight, destination with mighty expectation of an empty vehicle. The reader can ponder on those few lines, but I encourage him to lend the goggles of deep revelation. Enough of the parables, however, the mantle of an anointed sackcloth of inspiration has fallen on me, let me serve the reader’s memory with something he has seen before, but didn’t employ deep thinking.​

​The sea’s offshore always get troubled with underpopulation – perhaps to cheer men at work, like spectators cheering Messi and Ronaldo or the entire team, when the fishermen go for the day’s ready game – (while investments were made before the day of jubilee). In a twinkling of the eyes, the resting sands at offshore ricochets into the consuming overflow of the amalgamated explosion of indescribable joy when the expectation met outcome. Overpopulation (buyers, sellers, buying and selling, etc.) staunched its presence without an official invitation.

​The fisherman’s uniqueness and creativity drew people from secluded habitations. THERE IS NO JOY, OUTSIDE FULFILMENT. Fulfillment doing what you passionate about or called (calling in life) to do. However, we intend to please everyone when rejection comes knocking or fall to the prey of doing what everyone is doing. The mastered merchandised skill of following the crowd blindly, while the real you calleth forth resurrection. Your creativity resides in you, uncomfortable on this undefined hiking. Find it, else it finds you not. Don’t forget, creativity also needs the nourishment of INVESTMENT, EXPLORING, TRAINING, INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, COURAGE and BELIEVE.

​Besides all these, know who you are (your strengths, abilities, and weaknesses), embrace your uniqueness and learn to enjoy life to the maxima. Let me introduce you to my bosom- friend; HUMILITY. Great men have walked with this friend. Humility is the refined gateway to greatness. Grace has praised my friend’s handiworks. No wonder, their long-lasting relationship. Until then, remember you already a somebody, and not a nobody. The journey to be somebody starts with find ‘you’, embrace your uniqueness, refine the creativity within you, and serve your generation with the Investment of your personality. My final recipe, stay connected to the reliable source of everlasting glory; God’s incorruptible Word.

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  1. An article full of life brother. It inspires us not to loose our sincere selves in an attempt of pleasing others. To always stay true to who we are, for we are not here to fit but to be our authentic selves. To create our own world…..

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