The Crowd Kills – You Don’t Have to Post It to Prove It

Ain’t you tired with the life of trying to be known?

Why do you constantly seek validation by posting or telling others about your achievements and accomplishments?

Why are you doubting yourself?

Why that much disbelief in your heart?

Are you secretly hiding something from people that you fear they will find out about you?

Or you think we will find out about your true self that you are hiding from us?

Why are you suffering from this imposter syndrome?

I told you this: you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone.

It doesn’t matter when others don’t recognize you.

why the pressure to feel special?

Why the burden to have a lot of likes and followers?

Listen to me with your heart:

I won’t judge you if we find out that you are not what you thought we think you are.

I am not having higher expectations for you to prove yourself to me.

Do what you do for purpose instead of proof.

Walk the path of purpose instead of popularity.

Stop comparing yourself to others, it will kill you.

Stop posting it on social media to prove how much you are worth. You are first a human being before anything else. So you are valuable.

I don’t need you to fake what can be real, I only need your presence.

For whatever you do, remember to focus on the substance, not the statistics.

God is your audience

The crowd out there will kill you.

Don’t do it because of them.

I can’t stand seeing your insecurities kill your purpose!

Just be yourself!!

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