Something Special about Smile

Written by Asamoah Courage Olivant (Min Smartt)

I picked my empty pen and to my uttermost surprise, a slim ink was hiding in a depressed corner. In fact, in a dying position not to be buried, but would be used to write something special and insightful. I walked through a scorching sun in June, but it felt like winter, so cold. I was amazed the sun smiled to me. The dust, storm, flood, and a particular sound for which words have left me to describe, all came crushing on humble me same day. I thought I could easily escape the hot sun, but something else met me. The sun smiled again at me and said, ‘just keep going and do not fret, for they will fade away’. Instantly, I felt the warm embrace of faith and hope. I began to smile.

Smile is real. It is the radiance of my being and the beauty of my surrounding. The very splendor that engulfs me. My breath knows no contentment until I smile. Smile, the origin of my purpose, and the heartbeat of my beauty. I smile anytime and everywhere. As the sunlight is to the flowers, smiles are to human beings. It is only a split second to smile and forget, yet to someone that needed it, it could last a lifetime. To me, it is a positive aura in one’s life. It brightens and brings excellence throughout his days.

Smile is unique to everyone on earth. The uniqueness of smile makes it special to all, irrespective of your caste, race, gender, creed, or color. Some smile for spreading happiness and love to people, announce their presence, and show gratitude for something that touched the depth of their hearts. Wonderful smile, the medicine that heals without a thunderstorm of an effectual fervent prayer. Smile is never gone wasted. A perfect vehicle that needs no escort to flash its light for a smooth journey. It makes the world more beautiful, spreads happiness, and makes someone’s day a perfect one. I call it the immaculate architect of beautiful faces because it increases the beauty of the face that any make-up can ever give. The best make-up anyone can ever wear on the face. The excellence and perfection of beauty attained without an expensive Silver and Gold, yet not cheap when handled with utmost love, care, and vigilance. No wonder, the thief comes with a restless focused mission to steal this awesome gift; smile.

I smile not only by turning my lip upwards and downwards. Sometimes, I smile with my eyes (Duchenne smile), and that is the beauty of smiling. You can smile with your eyes too. I wish I can demonstrate for my reader, but you can capture the signaled Imagination, and smile in this light without a dilemma arranged on your face. You can! The same way we can frown with the eyes, we can smile with the eyes too. Just an Intentional look at someone with those smiley eyes could expungefear, calm nerves, and extend courage, strength, and joy. Lovely gentle smiley eyes, always quick to arrest attention in one’s favor. A smiling face hurt no one. It creates happiness in the minds and hearts of people who are infected.

It is a magical power capable of changing people and making a strong heart very tender. Smile is a weapon because it has led so many people to success, turned evil hearts to good and helped people who have been depressed to love again. Indeed, smile is the beauty of the living. It makes one feel comfortable and relaxed without being anxious for nothing.

It is the best way to say welcome to someone and I wish to make things easy and comfortable for you. I always smile because without it, life will not be real. Happiness that stands closest to the hunter of it, a careful watch and embrace that saved the long day and made it very short with stupendous satisfaction. Smile should be the daily alarm that wakes us up from bed in the morning and the force that enable us to give thanks to God almighty for the gift of life. Remember, first Impression and expression count, not only to who we can see or meet, but It’s God’s will to see you smile before you say, ‘thank you, Lord, for this beautiful day’. This is so amazing!

Smile also stimulates our brain’s reward mechanism in a way that even chocolate, a well rewarding and avid regarding pleasure induce cannot reach. You searching for the best face shield and mask to put on? Simply put on a smile and wear it every day. Oh, glorious smile, a cloth that could be worn without cash rewarded to a vendor; walks freely through the astounding Himalayas unperturbed about the future, what to drink or eat in the day after today. Yes, I smile to tell my brain, my soul, and my spirit how I feel. I smile to grasp every corner of my emotions and as well send positive signals by ‘preaching to myself’; ‘everything is perfectly fine and under divine surveillance’. Can you smile once again? It replaces everything from anxiety and fear to joy and fulfillment. Smile is restoration. The quickest best way to recover from something unpleasant or unhealthy. Smile is medicine. An overdose that never called for an ambulance or sent anyone to the emergency ward. You are always safe with smile.

So, I smile because it helps me to easily communicate with people around me, express unconditional Love with joy, add beauty to someone’s perfect day which can last for a lifetime; and it makes me feel more relaxed and content in my state of being. The world can be a better place with your smile. Smile to change your immediate home, neighborhood, and the world.

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