We Don’t Have The Same Starting Point-Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

I wouldn’t have written this piece without you in my mind.

I understand how often we feel frustrated at how things are turning out in our lives.
It even gets worse when we stop focusing on our goals and start looking at what others are doing.

I often share this experience with people.
One thing I have stopped doing was to compare myself to others. It is not based on the notion that is bad, but I feel I am insulting myself.

My reason is that we all didn’t start at the same point in life. Some were fortunate to have their parents pay the price for them. For most of us, we had to pay the debts of our parents and start from scratch.

The only way it would make sense for us to compare ourselves is when we have everything the same from the start. I mean the same talents, gifts, strengths, and capacities.
This sounds bizarre because it doesn’t exist. We are not the same but we are special.

Therefore wherever you find yourself, don’t blame yourself too much. Just understand you are doing your best.

I just want to encourage you not to give up. You don’t need to become someone or be like someone, just be yourself. Focus on the few things you can do well and put your life on it.

When others achieve something, celebrate them because they have reached an exit point on their journey of life that requires them to get down off the road for recognition.

Similarly, your time will come when you reach your exit. Don’t stop at a place that requires movement because you got distracted by what others are doing.

Just do your best.

You don’t need to go into the world to prove a point. Just start with what you have now. The miracle is in what you have left. Once you keep moving, the world will come and meet you.

You are special.
so be great in your own way.

It is well

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