I Can’t Repay Your Love-Please Be Satisfied with Your Love Itself.

I am here again

Tired of falling back to the same mistakes.

You have shown me, enormous love.

Even at the point where I was about to give up,

You showed up for me.

Nothing else made sense until your compassion touched my soul.

I lived to believe that tragedy was my friend.

But I realized so is your grace.

In my darkest times, I saw your light of grace.

When I was afraid of myself, you became my shadow.

Oh, Beloved!

Your love is glorious.

Your heart is kind.

No matter what I offer you, I can’t repay you.

My love is conditional.

No matter how hard I try, I see traces of selfishness in it.

Oh Beloved, with my deficiency, can you pay yourself with your love?

Because your love is unconditional and infinite.

Even in my distress and happiness,

Honor and pains,

Victory and defeat,

Health and disease,

I prayed for your hands.

Even though I don’t deserve the extension of your hand,

You quietly told me it was the hand of Grace.

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