When I Met Myself, I Was Afraid of Me

Wherever there has been a history of oppression, we battle with ourselves. We tend to suffer from self humiliation, self cancellation and self doubting.

Until the day I was introduced to myself; I started living a different life.

People are still controlled by the oppressive idea that leadership is for the elite group of people who are specially gifted. They see themselves as average people.

I just want you to understand that it is not natural to be timid or even think in that way. You were taught to be like that. They tell you, you don’t have to be heard but seen. That means you shouldn’t say what you feel or even do what you want to do. They have transmogrified you with bad culture that makes you hate yourself. I was once a victim.

But you have to change that belief about yourself. If not you are putting the next generation in a danger.

Suppose you don’t like what your computer is displaying on the screen, the best thing for you to do is to format the hard Disk. This is equal to you taking the first step to delete the negative thoughts that occurs in your mind.

You are more than enough

You are capable of anything

You are not less a human

You are a champion

You are a leader

You can also make a difference.

Take a deep breath and get to work with a new set of belief about yourself.


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