Those Who Fly Solo Have The Strongest Wings

There are days when we feel we are all alone. There are times when we feel we have been disadvantaged in life due to some mistakes or challenges. But here are some reminders for you;

We have all done unforgivable things

We have all wanted to punch holes in a wall

We have all made someone cry

We have all let someone down

We have all had a broken heart

We have all told a lie

We have all wanted to throw life away

We have all stayed up late over thinking

I want you to understand that in spite all our troubles; you must keep going.  Your focus is to get better today than you did yesterday. Just be like the eagle who takes advantage of the storm. It flies so high in it whiles other birds seek refuge in the trees.

You are not your mistakes. You have to know that in order to love who you are, you can’t hate the experience that shaped you.

Keep flying!!

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