You Deserve A Standing Ovation

No matter how painful the quest, we will still search through the rubbish of broken dreams, broken promises, and twisted childhood issues looking for clues. We don’t have to necessarily erase the cause of our pain; we mainly just want to find some reason or justification for the pain and discomfort.

All of us know what it means to be left alone. Whether through death, desertion, or even disagreement, we have all been left alone at times. We are sometimes disillusioned when we find out how easily people will leave us. Generally they leave us when we think that we need them.

The struggle truly begins not when men surround us, but rather when they forsake us. It is then that we begin to discover our own identity and self-worth!. Have you reached that place in life where you enjoy your own company? Have you taken the time to enjoy your own personhood?

When other people give affirmation, it reflects their opinion about you. When they leave, you may feel worthless and insignificant. But when you speak comfort and blessings to yourself, it reflects your own opinion about yourself. The best scenario is to enjoy both kinds of affirmation. There are reasons to give yourself a standing ovation.

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