BELIEVE YOU DESERVE (Letter to the Africa Child)

You are always happy when serving others.

But you feel uncomfortable when being served

You feel intimidated when foreigners walk into your office

But you bully your people when they do the same.

You don’t believe in your local products and produce

But you embrace foreign products which came from your very own land

You find it difficult to believe things will get better in your country

Sadly, you don’t believe you can try and make things better.

You strive to have a good education outside your country

But you feel timid even with all your degrees and certificates

Your pinnacle of success revolves around positions and accolades

But you abuse others who try to climb the same ladder.

You have a crown on your head but with a slave mind

You are afraid of yourself

You have managed to bury the child inside you

Why are you so much afraid to talk about the very dream you believe in?

Tell me, when are you going to meet yourself?

You are still a victim of your historical conditions

Why have you adjusted your attitude toward slavery?

For how long will you continue to accept external conditioning as your internal destiny?

Oh Africa Child!!

You have physically relocated,

You have been intellectually motivated

But spiritually you are paralyzed

Your desire to change location never changed your mentality.

Your self-concept has changed into other-concept

Your self-worth has turned into other-worth

Your self-esteem has become other-esteem

For how long will you remain other people?

where is your-self?

For how long will you depend on others to make you accept your-self

Your spirit is indeed broken

Get up and visit your inner child again

For what you said you want to become during your childhood is possible

Connect to your dream, passion, and secret vision again.

Because you are more than capable to achieve them.

It is well

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