When I finished writing my first book as a draft at the age of 20, I had to save and borrow money to publish it at 22. It took me two(2) years to get money for it.

I reached out to few friends and borrowed capital for my first book. I had a little support, but I was sincerely grateful.

Let me be frank with you;
You need money to push your dreams.
Determination, consistency, and faith are the preparing grounds that you need. But without capital to push your talent or ideas, it will just fit the analogy of a seed placed on a table-it can not grow.

Talent and skills without capital would only remain a compliment to you.

The first person who supported me was my father. Surprisingly, he aided me when he needed the support most. I remember how he was in the theater that faithful Saturday to undergo surgery during the book launch. I even went to donate my blood to him the previous week before the launch.

As the book launch was ongoing, my heart was heavy. As the end of the day drew near, my heart grew heavy emotionally. I was praying for my father at the same time for myself.

He wished he could have been there. But in spirit and love, my humble writing beginning was successful, and his surgery was successful too.
My sick Dad supporting me in that critical moment challenged my philosophical rumination about love. Love is not -I will do this for you if you do that for me. Love is -I will do this for you to shine even when you can not payback. Love is free, but humans have priced it.

People often would not support you at your beginnings. Even those who are the closest can shock you the most. But do not blame them or get angry at me. Nobody owes you anything. But God uses strangers to bless you, I hope you understand that some love you for your personality and others love you for who you are.

Be wary of those who love and support you because of your status, money, or personality. And value those who love your raw self. Those people are God in human form.

I want you to see the appointments God makes with each of us individually in the disappointments of our lives.

And I sincerely pray you do not lose your faith. The loss of faith is a dreadful thing because it takes away hope and even threatens love.

The purpose of my writing in life is not to be the number one in the world’s eyes, but to make God number one in my life. For this is my calling and his calling is perfect, and he has a specific place for each one. Every member of the body has a particular role, and we find our fulfillment in filling that role.

I’m grateful that I don’t put my trust in man. God is enough, and he can bless me with my friends and enemies combined. When God gives you responsibility, he gives you the ability to respond to it accordingly.

For some, I have impacted them. Others, I have healed them. But for God, I have served him. I do not need platforms and an audience. God is my audience. In my little space, I have served him.

I’d rather have God than men’s applause; I’d rather be faithful to His dear cause; I am a product of Grace.

Put your trust in God.
Observe men.
And God will light you for men to watch you burn.

It is well

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