The Year’s Top 10 Reflections

  1. Don’t turn your mentors to your competitors. Respect those who saw the light and are guiding you through it. You are who you are because someone loved you and took care of you. 
  1. In every football match, the goal is credited to the scorer, but the one who gives assist is recognized. Recognize those who assisted you to be who you are today. Make sure you elevated all those around you. Build a sense of community and makes sure you all win at the end of the day. 
  1. Let love motivate you to change, not competition or revenge. When you do things in love, you don’t lose.
  1. The best way to interact with a room is in silence. And understand that people can have a loaf and still envy your slice. Shockingly, it can be your partner and close friends wishing you fail. But pray for your enemies because they are your neighbors.
  1. Humans won’t measure your efforts, they look out for your results. But God sees your efforts. Keep doing your best. You don’t even see the water moving from the roots to the leaves. But the fruits will surely come.
  1. Show mercy to people. We are all struggling. But love is free, unfortunately, humans who have priced it.  
  1. Follow your heart and things you deeply believe in. Because it takes strength to be different but nothing to be yourself.
  1. Nobody eats money. Money is a label, not content. What do you have that can buy the money you are looking for?
  1. Ignoring your intuition is self-betrayal. Never be so loyal that you betray yourself.
  1. If you want to be sure it’s the right path leading to the destination, just walk with God.
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