My Mum’s Top 10 Advice On Relationship and Marriage To Me

1. Respect yourself, and it will reflect on how you respect your partner. For women, they can multiply and add to your efforts or divide and subtract from your strength.

2. Do not be deceived that some people are replaceable. Nobody can ever replace the expression of the individuality that people bring along. So cherish your partner.

3. There is a difference between lust and love. Lust says, “ I love you for a night”. Love says,” I love you for a lifetime”. Always choose love. 

4. Nobody is more persuasive than a good listener. People respond to those who will listen to them. Learn to listen to your partner.  

5. Do not chase the shadows of love without experiencing its lights. And never stop placing woods of love and respect on the altar of your heart for your beloved. Always cherish your partner.

6. When you go to the alter with your partner, your pledge to each other is not love. It is just a promise of love and hope. But when I see you both old walking together then I will call it love because you kept the promised and honored your words. Time purifies love. 

7. Don’t let self-centeredness and personal ambitions replace the love of your partner or family. For when your home fails, your history collapses. 

8. Love is as much a question of the will as it is of the emotion. And if you will love somebody, you can.”

9. The consequences you pay most . . . are paid emotionally. So don’t choose an unkind person. Remember, it is kind people that give, not rich people.

10. God often works with principles and not emotions. Make sure you do what is right, and empower your understanding that most of the problems in your marriages will come from your actions and inactions. So be wise.

Bonus: The highest form of love is forgiveness. For side by side, we are all walking home. But, it is only love that will lead us home.

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  1. Moms always will tell the truth and it takes a good mum to tell from her experience, what worked for her -you’ve to emulate and what didn’t -you have to shun.

    Love you Mom.

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