May We Not Fail

Our struggle is in chains.
Our intellect is in prison.
Our strive was for excellence.
But the blockade of mediocrity is a hindrance. 
We loved our country. 
We prayed for its success.
We cried for its transformation.

Here we are now.
Contemplating if we are failures or our country is failing us.
Our heart is bitter but our eyes are burning with fire and dripping with blood.
Is God with us? 
Or God has left us?

In his Holy Book, 
Peter said, ”Lord, we have toiled all day and caught nothing”. But he got a redirection from the Master.
Even with all his intellectual acumen and prowess, He caught nothing.

Now the critical question is: Is the blessing a place or a person?

Many people in Africa have toiled their whole life but they have nothing to show for their efforts.
The weak religious bodies will tell us our home is heaven. 
But if that holds in its truest sense, why didn’t God create us in heaven at once.
But we can justify that by saying one should be spiritually minded and earthy relevant.
So can we be like Peter and cast our nets somewhere else? Can we go for green pastures?

What then is the difference between our situation compared to the Egyptians and Israelites drama?
If God truly owns the world, why then should we limit ourselves to places and people who constantly make us doubt our abilities and strengths?

Politics has become a medium to steal and amass wealth. People were killed through theft and walked freely. But the one who stole for his belly was hung in public. 

In his holy book, he took the coin and asked whose image is on it. They replied Caesar. He said we should give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar.
But why is nobody asking whose image is on us? 

If we truly know God, we won’t eat our generational wealth or sell our self-worth to foreigners.
Of course who am I to write all these? 
But my intellect is all I have to free myself.
Until we rethink our future and the future we want to have, we will equally be part of the average by doing nothing with our lives. 

It is not always true that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. We have to fear betrayal, diseases, accidents, poverty, failure… 
Poverty can limit your life.
An accident can cripple your destiny. 
And those who put us through this must be checked especially with our thumb during elections.

And we must check greed, jealousy, envy, hatred with prayers. We must not always pray to gain things but to lose things as such.

Our country is great 
But our leaders are poor physically and spiritually.
In the politics of man, It is believed that society must be changed in order to change people. But in the kingdom of God, it is people who must be changed in order to change society.

How are you changing?
What are you changing into?

May we have transformed people who sincerely believe in God. 

If a king(God) can die in order to assure you a victory, then who are you dying for to assure that they succeed?

Thank you
I am Tsifodze Ernest

  1. Great piece! Good questions! Religion and politics holds an integral part of the growth our society! These questions I do ask myself too at times, more to it, even if they are answered cunningly or truthfully, it may not really have any effect the social, because answers won’t be the solution, the solution is acting/ doing things the right way! Transformation as u noted is the ultimate solution! Let’s be transformed to make a change.
    You are blessed! Remain blessed T.E

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