Confidence Is Everything

Many of us have great ideas and big dreams but if we don’t have the confidence or courage to turn them into a reality, nothing will come of them. If you have great ideas at work but you’re too afraid to speak up at a meeting or if you give up the first time someone puts your idea down, you will never succeed at getting your ideas out there. Companies will find it difficult to innovate if everyone is afraid to express the very creative ideas they have inside of them.

Research shows that when people are feeling confident, they reach for higher level goals, put more effort into achieving their goals, persevere despite setbacks, and they believe their efforts will result in successful outcomes. This is all hugely important to innovation, business performance and goal achievement.

Many people spend their time building their skills and accumulating certifications to get better at what they do. What I have discovered after studying confidence, is that it’s not just your knowledge, talent, or skills that fuel confidence, it’s your beliefs about your knowledge, talent, and skills. Beliefs drive how people think, behave, and feel. Beliefs affect whether someone perseveres or gives up in the face of obstacles.


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